Misfits Reunion

I just heard the news today that the Misfits are doing a reunion!  I never thought it would happen but I’m super excited, plus its going to be at Riot Fest in Denver!  Anyways when I heard the news I remembered this old project I started as a joke for a friend.  I did a few test panels of Glenn and Jerry, a comic about a Misfits reunion, but life got in the way and I never finished it.  I may start on it again but I just got this new job (which I love) so I think I’m going to squeeze in time to do this, or something more productive.

glenn and jerry

Song Lyric Typography

ghouls night outteenagers from mars copydevils_edited-1

One thing I definitely want to do more of is song lyric typography.  These are three completed works that I’ve done over the past three years.  All of these are based on Misfits songs, “Ghoul’s Night Out,” “Teenagers From Mars,” and “The Devil’s Whorehouse.”  I started on one the other week based on The Cramps’ “Jackyard Backoff” but I think I want to do a rework before I commit to coloring.