Boos & Booze

I’ve been so busy with commissions, appointments, and a misplaced kneecap that I just haven’t been able to post all of the things that I’ve wanted to post.  Recently I made some posters for a charity party for Kearney Jaycee’s called Boos and Booze Bash.  All of the proceeds went to the Kearney Jubilee center.  I found an old coat that I used to wear in high school that I donated that I know will go to someone who needs it.

11x17 final boos and booze-01.jpg


Senior Hawks

This was one of my favorite projects when I worked at the Shirt Shack.  I had a client from Hastings St. Cecilia that wanted T-shirts for the relatives of the senior football players.  This year the team was given new helmets with visors and new decals which the client wanted prominently displayed on the shirts.  Also she wanted a photo of the home field, Duncan Field, incorporated into the design somehow.  The biggest catch however was that the only photos she could get me were cell phone quality and the turnaround time from first contact to delivery was about three days, and the budget was tight, only two colors allowed.  In three days I created this design from scratch in Adobe Illustrator using two spot colors and a bitmapped photo, designed an order form for the client to hand to parents, retrieved order forms and payment, supervised printing, and made sure the shirts were printed accurately and on time.  It was a labor of love but the shirts turned out fantastic!St cecilia senior football_50709-01.jpg

Alma School Boosters

Hello everyone!  Recently I’ve had the opportunity to come up with some athletic booster designs for several central Nebraska schools.  Out of all of the schools I’ve done business with my favorite has been the Alma Cardinals.  Each design is a two color (red and white ink), and can be printed on black, red, and grey shirts from hoodies all the way down to tank tops!  The top feather design is a new take on the cardinal mascot, where I was allowed complete creative control, the middle “A” is a new take on a classic varsity letter jacket, and the bottom circle design is a throwback piece to the old mascot used in the 60’s and 70’s.