Anatomical Venus

I could never be a doctor, I don’t have the patience (or the money for school) but I am fascinated with the history of medicine, in particular the study of anatomy.  I also like studying the history of death and funeral rituals from around the world, in particular victorian funeral customs.  While browsing around the internet I discovered the wonderful art of Morbid Anatomy.  I’d link any of the dozen or so blogs, image archives, or found jpegs in my folder but I encourage you to do a google search yourself.  One subject that I particularly am interested in is the art of the so-called “anatomical venus.”  In the 1800’s artists would create wax models from moldings, or with their own artistic talent, of unusual medical cases or various organs for medical students to examine without having to open up a fresh cadaver.  One popular item was the Anatomical Venus, which is the full or quarter sized model of a deceased woman with a removable abdominal cavity exposing highly detailed models of internal organs.  Here is one such example: 2416846549_465185130c.jpg

I decided to draw my own Venus but add my own style to it.  The organs are obviously exaggerated and taken with some creative license.  The hair was the most fun part, I decided to make it look like intestines to make up for her missing digestive system.



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