An Artist in the Family

Today I am a very proud Auntie.  My darling little niece made the Kearney Hub the other day for an art contest she won.  Gracie entered the Draw Your Dreams contest where little children have to draw something that they want to do.  Most little girls want to be princesses, own a mansion, or have lots of money but my little Gracie wants to ride a bucking bronco in the rodeo.  Her drawing was so lovely that she won a $1,000 scholarship for college, and she’s 8 years old!

I’m so proud that I’m an influence in this little girl’s life.  When she was a toddler just learning how to talk I used to draw pictures of animals and ask her what sound the animal made.  And ever since she could hold a pen Gracie and I have been drawing together.  She tells me she wants to be like me when she grows up which honestly scares me a little.  I hope this little girl becomes greater than I ever will be.

You can read the article here

Reprinted with the permission from the Kearney Hub, 2016.

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